Project Smoke was born out of the incessant persistence to deviate from the norm, inspired by
food innovation in gastronomy. I began experimenting with smoke, and different flavors,
applications, and through these risks and trials, perfecting the ideal smoked ribs, brisket,
chicken, pork, cheese and vegetables.
Project Smoke is dedicated to sourcing locally grown ingredients, fusing cuisines emanating
from the diverse and multicultural makeup of the Niagara region . It is therefore our intent to
provide our clientele with the finest fresh, raw, organic, and locally grown produce, celebrating
excellence, diligence, honest service, and most of all, the love of food.

It is with great pleasure that  I  Introduce  

Chef Nash Wanya

From Project Smoke Catering 

Winner of STONE SOUP STOCK 2018 

Please feel free to add any item from Project Smoke to 

any Chef Table Event 


stay tuned as Nash and I Create

Niagara's Best Food Cart Eperience 

Project Smoke  meets THIO Catering

for a Smokin! Culinary Experience 


~ The Kindling ~





Pesto grilled chicken avocado


grilled chicken, cucumber, sweet grape tomatoes, red onion, radishes, feta, avocado basil pesto


Smoked Caprese


smoked grape tomatoes on a vine, grilled asparagus,  boccocini, arugula, olive oil, and balsamic reduction dressing


Panzanella Salad


sliced heirloom tomatoes, torn ciabatta bread, olives, capers, anchovy fillets, smoked red peppers, red onion, and basil, tossed in extra virgin olive oil




Parsnip Pureed Soup


lightly charred and smoked parsnip and potato, topped with grated horseradish froth


Spicey Sausage and farro Soup


smoked italian sauasage, farro, and kale,  served with toasted Italian bread and Parmesan curls


Chilled Carrot Soup


roasted carrots, greek yogourt, parsley and unsalted pistachio pesto, infused with hints of hickory and maple


~ The Fire ~


Smoked Quail


smoked quail, stuffed with bison sausage and cranberry, served on celeriac puree and red wine sauce


Pimento Spiced Chicken Breast


chicken breast spiced with pimento, served with rosemary and thyme potatoes, smoked garlic, and red pepper rose' sauce


Smoked BBQ Chicken


Smoked BBQ chicken served with roasted zucchini,carrot, peppers, and pearl onions. Drizzled with sage brown butter sauce

Grilled Salmon Steaks


grilled Salmon Steaks  served with a brocollini and cilantro hollandaise sauce, infused with cedar wood  smoke


Smoked Peppered Tuna


smoked tuna tossed in freshly ground red and black peppercorns served with an olive and heirloom tomato salsa


Smoked Salmon Enpapillote


smoked salmon in a pouch served with asparagus, red onion , parsley, bell peppers, grape tomato, drizzled with a dill, fennel, lemon dressing


Smoked Brisket


smoked brisket served on a pea, shallot and parmesan puree, topped with chipotle grape tomatoes and a basil garlic pesto


Stuffed Pork Tenderloin


pork tenderloin stuffed with spinach and smoked mascarpone cheese, wrapped in prosciutto served with pineapple, pear, jalapeno slaw and balsamic reduction


Smoked Beef Wellington


smoked beef wellington served with a guinness, garlic, shallot gravy and baby carrots


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Bachelor/ette Parties


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